Extreme Programming proved that adopting a philosophy of "if I truly need to do it, then I should do it all the time" can be amazingly productive. They said, "Forget integrating every 6 months. Let's do continuous integration." Many of my teams have waited until things were falling apart to finally realize that the team needs to work together.

It's clear to me that that is simply too late. It's clear to me that we need to know how to work together before the shit hits the fan

  • We need to be comfortable with delegating tasks so we can do it under pressure.
  • We need to have some inkling of what the other developer is doing so we can identify where we can be helpful with minimal direction.
  • We need to be comfortable with pairing so the mechanics of it don't get in the way.
  • In order to feel that pull, to roll up our sleeves and dig in to support, we need to be more than a group of developers that sit together. We need to have a connection with our teammates. An interest in their well being. We need to be a team.

In order to do any of these, we need to be working together before the crisis hits. Google "highly effective teams". You'll find this, and more, enumerated in those articles.

My experience has also shown me that, working together like this, will minimize the likelyhood of a crisis.

Win. Win.

I suggest you get started today. Before the next crisis.