How do you achieve constant productivity from individuals in your group?
How do individuals motivate themselves to have urgency?
How do individuals process the constant flow of information about our craft?
How do individuals make up for their own weakness?
How do individuals multiply their strengths?
How do individuals know how to work together, effectively, when they need to, if they don’t work together regularly?

At one point, my experience and research indicated that there was one answer to all these questions.

You don't. We can't. Not predictably. Not with any consistency.

I found it was highly unlikely for these goals to be achieved, consistently, by most individuals.

Now, after more years of experience and more research, I have a viable answer for all of these questions.

Agile and Lean agree with me. We answer them with the same mantra...

The Team

It's clear to me that the team is the answer.
It smooths out production, creates healthy competition, and encourages a culture of assisting, which spreads to assisting product owners and yes, your customers.

If you are not incentivizing a team, then you are working uphill.

If you are creating a highly effective team, than it is much more likely that other things will align.

"Teams of people build software systems, and to do that they need to work together effectively" -- Examining the Agile Manifesto