It's clear to me why I fight. Is it clear to you?

I am privileged. I am privileged in that I have experienced agile. I have seen the multiplication. I have felt the whole team working to achieve a common goal. I want back in.

I have worked at many places, all claiming to be agile or to be interested in transitioning to agile. Many were not. When I continue to fight for more after they think they have "achieved" agile, they are confused. Their only response has been to ignore me or try to shut me down. They have even asked me to redirect my passion. Not one has sought the root of that passion. Not one has questioned the source. Neither asked me why I continued to fight.

I fought because I was scrambling to get back to world where I was happy. Where I was effective. Where I was a productive member of a productive community. I don't feel happiness without both.

I fight because the principles and practices support the human behind the coder.
I fight because it optimizes the entire chain of delivery of features.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

If you haven't truly experienced agile, I suggest you give it a shot.