I’m Matt Scilipoti

agilest coach coder
craftsman enabler entrepreneur
entropy wrangler evangelist family member
itch scratcher mac user mentor
people person presenter researcher
rubyist student system admin
teammate team lead tester
trainer system admin web developer

I code.
I am not just a coder.
I am not a (ninja|rockstar|10xer).
I am a solid Developer, a Software Craftsman.
I fight to explain the intent of my code, to developers that follow.
I am comfortable with, and encourage, DevOps.

I test. First.
I am agile and pragmatic.
I add to production capacity, for everyone.

I can do it alone, but you really want me as a member of a team.
I excel in a team, gaining energy from working with others.
I tend to work harder for those around me, than I do for myself.
I fight to turn isolation into powerful collaboration.

I need input.
I aggregate information and see the connections.
I tend to be comparative and exploratory, rather than prescriptive.
I share (as coach, mentor, trainer, and presenter).
I support Free/Libre/Open Source Software.
I stay on the (b)leading edge.

I love this stuff.

My Tool Belt
agile methodologies angular chef
css cucumber DevOps MS .NET
full-text search git html
javascript linux mac
public speaking RSpec
ruby on rails screen scraping
scrum TDD/BDD XP

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