We are in this together.
Strange how a teapot can
represent at the same time
the comforts of solitude and
the pleasures of company.
– Author Unknown

We value a collaborative, transparent, democratic process.
  • As a citizen, you have personal power AND you have responsibility to the group.
  • It’s difficult to have a Thought Partner, if you don’t have a partner.
  • We believe in the capacity for humans to create a better world through collective activity, while the individual flourishes.

We iterate, building on what came before, responding to data.
  • Small steps, with focus toward feedback and steering.
  • Measure, Guess, Build, Learn, Respond.
    • For features, code, knowledge, and process.
    • Measurement is a strong motivator.
  • Ensure enough repetition; to improve and correct, as well as to learn and internalize.
  • Remember Austin’s Butterfly.

We are human, capable of amazing things, yet imperfect.

Growth requires struggle.
  • We help each other fight for what we want.

Use absolutes and extremes sparingly.
  • e.g. Maximizing profits (alone) requires tradeoffs you may not be interested in making.

Updated: 06/20/2016